Day 13, No. 13. The original Quint

QuintHAIRCUT 100: Day 13, No. 13. The original Quint: A Captain Ahab for the Watergate generation…

‘Brody guessed Quint was about fifty, and though surely he had once been twenty and would one day be sixty, it was impossible to imagine what he would look like at either of those ages. His present age seemed the age he should always be, should always have been. He was about six feet four and very lean – perhaps 180 or 190 pounds. His head was totally bald – not shaven, for there were no tell-tale black specks on his scalp, but as bald as if he had never had any hair – and when, as now, the sun was high and hot, he wore a Marine Corps fatigue cap. His face, like the rest of him, was hard and sharp. It was ruled by a long, straight nose. When he looked down from the flying bridge, he seemed to aim his eyes – the darkest eyes Brody had ever seen – along the nose as if it were a rifle barrel. His skin was permanently browned and creased by wind and salt and sun. He gazed off the stern, rarely blinking, his eyes fixed on the slick.’ — Peter Benchley, Jaws (1974).

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