Day 14, No. 14. Gail Porter

Gail PorterHAIRCUT 100: Day 14, No. 14. Gail Porter: television presenter, actress, comedian, former model, and a tireless campaigner for alopecia sufferers, especially kids. Gail rose to prominence as an FHM cover girl, her naked image memorably projected onto the Houses of Parliament in 1999. She developed alopecia totalis in 2005 – that’s the one I have, total hair loss, lovely – but decided not to wear a hat or wig in order to raise awareness of the condition. This she has done; if you have alopecia, chances are that someone you know will mention Gail as a positive example of dealing with it. She is an ambassador for the Little Princess Trust, a charity which provides wigs to children with hair loss, and a vice-president of The Children’s Trust. Gail has written very candidly about her experiences of anorexia, bipolar disorder and alopecia in the autobiography Laid Bare: My story of love, fame and survival. A brave and sexy Scottish lady who does not stop fighting. ‘Bald is the new black!’

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