Day 23, No. 23. Pa’u Zotoh Zhaan

Virginia Hey HAIRCUT 100: Day 23, No. 23. Pa’u Zotoh Zhaan from Farscape, played by Virginia Hey (the ‘warrior woman’ from Mad Max II). This hairless, blue-skinned Delvian is a sentient and mobile humanoid plant with cartilaginous fibers instead of bone, ‘tuperadinous’ cellulose tissue, and a regenerative fascia membrane. Delvians are an empathic and spiritual race, and most follow the ‘Seek,’ a metaphysical discipline not a million miles from Zen Buddhism, acquiring enhanced psychic abilities with each new level attained. Zhaan is a Level Ten Priestess; Delvians are long-lived, and at 800-odd cycles she is considered middle-aged. Although notionally a bit of a space hippy, Zhaan has ‘kicked more ass than you’ve sat on,’ and was originally incarcerated on the prison ship Moya for killing her lover, a Delvian politician, during ‘unity’ (telepathic plant sex), over his allegiance with the fascist Peacekeepers. Regarded as an anarchist by the Peacekeepers, Zhaan is often seen making drugs and explosives in her workshop to assist her new shipmates. As a plant species, Delvians experience intense physical pleasure – or ‘photogasms’ – when exposed to strong solar energy, and you don’t see that every day… ‘Soft, yes. Weak, no.’

Please click here for Day 24


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