Day 28, No. 28. Wallace

WallaceHAIRCUT 100: Day 28, No. 28. Wallace: Cracking inventor, cheese fancier, window cleaner, baker, humane pest-controller, national treasure, and occasional were-rabbit. Voiced first by the wonderful Peter Sallis, and now ably interpreted by Ben Whitehead for Aardman Animations, this cheery northern eccentric has been romantically linked to Wendolene Ramsbottom, Lady ‘Totty’ Tottington, and notorious Black Widow, Piella Bakewell. Wallace rides a Triumph combination and once built a rocket in his cellar. He lives at 62, West Wallaby Street, Wigan, with his long-suffering dog, the redoubtable Gromit. Creator Nick Park has likened the character to his father, who was ‘an incurable tinkerer.’ An eternal optimist, Wallace is a simple Lancashire lad who likes his home comforts but does not mind the odd adventure. Although completely bald, he still uses a hair-drier. ‘Keep calm, and think of Lancashire hotpot!’

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