Day 41, No. 41. The Rock

The RockHAIRCUT 100: Day 41, No. 41. Sticking with The Mummy franchise: Dwayne Johnson, ‘The Rock’; pro-wrestler, actor and global icon. Canadian-American Johnson started out as a college football player at the University of Miami, joining WWE in the mid-90s during their ‘Attitude Era.’ After owning WWE (due to his charisma and quick wit as much as his sporting prowess), and co-writing a bestselling autobiography, The Rock Says…, Johnson turned to acting in The Mummy Returns in 2001, having previously played himself in a couple of documentaries. He starred in The Scorpion King the following year, marking his serious transition from WWE to Hollywood. He is now one of the highest paid actors in the world, appearing in over thirty films to date, most recently Central Intelligence. Like Arnold Schwarzenegger, in whose cultural footsteps he undoubtedly follows, Johnson can do action comedy and play it deathly serious. Although probably presently most identified with The Fast and the Furious series, my personal favourites are The Rundown, Doom, and Faster, a powerful revenge tragedy in the tradition of Shogun Assassin and the original Mad Max. And who else is going play Hercules? Amongst numerous wrestling titles, awards and accolades, in 2013 Johnson was voted ‘Favorite Male Butt Kicker’ in Nickelodeon’s 26th Annual Kids’ Choice Awards, which kind of says it all. He is also ‘The Rock Obama’ in Saturday Night Live: ‘Much like Barack Obama, only larger and more violent.’ This year, Time named Johnson one of the 100 most influential people in the world. ‘With drive and a bit of talent you can move mountains.’

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