Day 55, No. 55. Felonious Gru

Despicable Me 2HAIRCUT 100: Day 55, No. 55. Sticking with Bond villains for one more day, because I clearly identify with them quite closely: Felonious Gru in Despicable Me – suburban supervillain, long-time collaborator with Dr. Nefario, accidental father, and the man who stole the Statue of Liberty and the Eiffel Tower (the small ones, in Las Vegas); Superbad, Superdad. Despicable Me is a wonderful satire of the movie supervillain, as postmodern as the Austin Powers trilogy, but much more elegant. Like Megamind, it is a story of change and rebirth, in which criminal mastermind Gru (voiced by the brilliant Steve Carell in full-on Andy Kaufman mode), driven by his mother’s lack of approval, finds love and purpose through a trio of orphan girls he initially adopts as pawns in a grand scheme to steal the Moon and put rival supervillain, Vector, in his place, settling a few more quotidian disputes along the way…

Gru: Hello, Fred. FYI. Your dog has been leaving little bombs in my yard, and I do not appreciate it.

Fred: Oh you know dogs… they go where they want to go.

Gru: Unless they’re dead.

In an equally fabulous sequel, Gru joins the side of the law, teaming up with Agent Lucy Wilde in pursuit of El Macho, the greatest supervillain of all time, believed dead after riding a shark tied to a rocket into an active volcano. ‘Assemble the minions!’

Please click here for Day 56


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