Day 59, No. 59. Soos

SoosHAIRCUT 100: Day 59, No. 59. Jesus ‘Soos’ Alzamirano Ramírez in Gravity Falls, voiced by Alex Hirsch (who also created the series). If you have yet to discover this wonderful show you are for a treat. This is Disney at its darkest and most postmodern; not a million miles from Eerie Indiana (remember that? – the producers of Stranger Things hope you don’t), and the equally brilliant Scooby-Doo reboot, Mystery Inc, Gravity Falls exists in that surreal, gothic corner of kid’s animation in which you find yourself reminded of Twin Peaks and The X-Files. In the show, twelve-year-old twins Dipper and Mabel spend a summer with their great uncle (‘Grunkel’) Stan, the seedy proprietor of the Mystery Shack, a tourist trap just outside the sleepy town of Gravity Falls, Oregon. This provincial backwater is, however, a magnet for bizarre, supernatural and occult occurrences, culminating in an inter-dimensional apocalypse called ‘Weirdmageddon.’

Assumed on first meeting by Stanford Pines to be ‘some sort of talking, hairless gopher,’ Soos is one of the main characters in Gravity Falls, and is represented by the question mark on the famous Zodiac. He is an awkward, affable man-child, time traveller and occasional zombie who works as a handyman at the Mystery Shack. Friend and companion to Dipper and Mabel on many of their adventures, he is exactly the kind of man you want around in a crisis: loyal, practical and relentlessly upbeat. When Dipper accidently raises the dead and the Mystery Shack is besieged by zombies, Soos’ first action is to take a quick selfie: ‘You have to admit,’ he says, ‘this is pretty cool.’

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