Day 67, No. 67. The Hood

The HoodHAIRCUT 100: Day 67, No. 67. The Hood from Thunderbirds: supervillain, psycho, and slug-balancer. Thunderbirds was the fourth ‘Supermarionation’ puppet TV series created by husband and wife team Gerry and Sylvia Anderson for British television in the 1960s – vivid and kinky sci-fi shows that were as much a feature of childhood back then as Dr. Who and Star Trek. Named because of his many disguises, the Hood’s precise origins are unknown, although he is Kyrano’s half-brother, Tin-Tin’s uncle and the father of the Black Phantom. His driving goal is to discover the secrets of International Rescue, and to use the advanced technology for evil, thus acquiring wealth and power beyond his wildest dreams. To this end, he has been known to create several disasters in an attempt to observe the Thunderbirds in action. Operating from his hidden temple deep in the heart of the Malaysian jungle, the Hood has successfully eluded capture by the world’s security forces for a great many years. Ruthless and calculating beyond comprehension, he uses mystical powers steeped in voodoo and black magic allowing nothing to stand in his way. Cultural historian Nicholas J. Cull has likened the Hood to ‘an evil version of Yul Brynner.’ The Hood was originally voiced by Andres Williams, while Sir Ben Kingsley’s portrayal in the live action movie of 2004 attracted a mixed critical response. I mean, what was that about? ‘If only I knew their secrets. I would be the wealthiest man in the world!’

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