Day 83, No. 83. Angry Anderson

Gary Angry AndersonHAIRCUT 100: Day 83, No. 83. Gary ‘Angry’ Anderson, Australian singer/songwriter, actor, frontman of Rose Tattoo, and ‘Ironbar’ in Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome – very possibly the only good thing about that movie after the first act. Anderson was made a Member of the Order of Australia in 1993 for his role as a youth advocate, and in 2006 Rose Tattoo were inducted into the Australian Recording Industry Association Hall of Fame. He has most recently been seen in Paul Fenech’s Dumb Criminal’s Motorcycle Club movies.

Director George Miller had initially declined Anderson’s request to cast for the third Mad Max film on the grounds that he already had Tina Turner in the movie as well as fifty children and animals, so couldn’t really take on another person with no acting experience. Anderson already had a film credit, however – At Last… Bullamakanka: The Motion Picture (a comedy about a small town visited by a government official) – and after seeing this, Miller was so impressed he cast Anderson; the character of Ironbar subsequently evolving to suit the actor’s persona. Ironbar is eventually killed in the movie’s extended climax, in the crash which enables Jedediah and the ‘Tribe Who Leave’ to escape; his final gesture is a blackened hand rising from the wreckage to give Max and the world the finger. ‘Aussies use their fists.’

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